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 The Smoke Eater Story

Gourmet Meat Dish

This is our very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content.

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We are Smoke Eaters & this is our story.

Like many, the Partners at Smoke Eater (who are both retired FDNY Firemen) have always enjoyed good times, good food and good wine to go along with it. 

And The Firehouse was a great place to experience some of the greatest food creations, by some of the finest chefs in America; the Firefighters.

Firehouse Kitchens were a great place to sit down with friends and co-workers to share a great meal, but dining off-duty  with family and friends had it's advantages as well, like enjoying a glass of wine with your Dinner, because that, of course, had to wait until they were Off Duty.

In reality, Firefighters have a robust appreciation of life & enjoying the simple things in life.

Breaking bread with friends & family is not only one of the simpler things in life, but one of the finer things in life to be appreciated & never taken for granted.

The Partners at Smoke Eater agree that having the opportunity to share some food creations with people across America on the television show Firehouse Kitchen, has been a great experience as well.

Back in 2016, while at a wine tasting event, hosted by a friend of their's, who just so happens to be an  importer of fine wines, the three of them started talking about which of the featured wines would pair well with some of the dishes that have been created in the firehouses and on the television show.

That conversation brought about an amazing idea that seemed to come to the three of them all at once, as if the idea Gods hit them over the head with a halligan at the same time;


"What if we created a wine, that would pair well, with all of the different types of dishes that firemen create and love to eat, like steaks & chops & barbecue, and use the sale of the wine to help some of the great Firefighter charities that we already support?

The wine should be A simple, reasonably priced, medium bodied wine with of course, A Smokey finish, that could be enjoyed at barbecues and holiday gatherings with friends and family knowing that they are supporting Firefighters in need."

Hence, the Smoke Eater Concept was Created. 

The First Smoke Eater Wine to Arrive on the scene, was a Red Wine, a Pinotage, so naturally we named it;


"First Due Red"


The first gourmet meat to arrive on the scene is our ribeye, so naturally, we named it;

"First Due Ribeye"

Check out our Blog page & discover some delicious recipes paired with smoke eater wines!


Bon Appetite!

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