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Bravest NY Strip Steak


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- 1 14oz Smoke Eater Gourmet Meats, USDA Prime, "Bravest" NY Strip Steak

- 1 clove of garlic

- 1 fresh rosemary sprig ( or dried rosemary)

- 1 tbsp butter

-Sea salt & pepper


1- Heat up a skillet over high heat until hot & then add in the butter, garlic & rosemary cooking for about 1 minute.

2- Place the steak in the skillet searing for approximately 6 or 7 minutes on both sides, while continually basting the meat with the butter from the bottom of the pan, until the steak reaches an internal temp of 130 degrees for a perfect medium rare steak.

3- Serve sprinkled with sea salt & pepper to taste, with your favorite side and pair with Smoke Eater Pinotage.

I am not a huge fan of the NY Strip Steak.

I prefer Ribeyes, Skirt Steaks & Porterhouse Steaks, although one side of the Porterhouse is actually a NY Strip.

This Smoke Eater "Bravest" NY Strip, however, named after the Firefighters of the FDNY is a delicious, high quality piece of meat.

It has a taste & a tenderness that you won't find in most NY Strip steaks.

This is a steakhouse quality piece of meat that will not disappoint!

The boneless strip steak, often called the New York Strip, comes from the back of the steer. This muscle is hardly used in a steer’s lifetime, which makes for a highly tender cut that also has its fair share of marbling. That means you can toss this cut onto the grill, and it will handle the high heat.

This is one of the most popular steaks at steakhouses, too.

Just throw it on a hot pan for a quick sear, and place it under the broiler.

However you prepare your Smoke Eater Gourmet NY Strip, this juicy cut is sure to be remembered.

Smoke Eater has partnered as an affiliate with the companies whose products you will see offered on this website, which we cook with & use in our Kitchens & recipes & on the Television Show “Firehouse Kitchen”.

Every time you purchase one of these products through our website, a portion of all net proceeds is donated to various Firefighter, First Responder & other charities.

So, when you purchase our affiliate products through our website, food blog & SM sites, you are supporting those who are there for us every day.

And we thank you for your support!

Smoke Eater Enterprises, LLC

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