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Kapnofagos Kotopoulo

That's Greek for Smoke Eater Chicken (I think)


-2 Cups chopped baby bella mushrooms

-2 yellow onions

-1 tsp Ghee

-2 lbs chicken breast

-Fresh thyme

-1 quart plain greek yogurt

-8 oz Feta cheese

-4 oz goat cheese

-1 lemon

-1/2 cup of fresh dill

-1 medium size cucumber

-1 clove of garlic

-Fresh broccoli

-Pita bread

-Arborio rice


In a pan saute 2 cups chopped mushrooms and 2 cups of yellow onion in a teaspoon of ghee (or butter) until tender.

In a separate pan or a wok, saute 2 lbs of cubed chicken seasoned with salt, pepper and thyme until the chicken is cooked through.

In a large sauce pot or a Dutch oven combine 1 quart of a good quality plain greek yogurt, 8 oz. of a good quality feta cheese, 4 oz of a good quality goat cheese, the zest of 1 med sized lemon, 1/2 cup of chopped fresh dill, one med sized peeled cucumber blended with all excess fluid squeezed out through a screen sifter and 1 garlic clove squeezed through a garlic press. Let this mixture simmer until melted into a creamy sauce and then add in the mushroom, onion and chicken.

Serve over Arborio rice with a side of sauted broccoli and pan toasted pita bread and pair with Smoke Eater "All Hands White" Pinot Grigio imported from Friuli Italy!


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