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Talia Di Napoli Pizza

Too busy to cook tonight?

I was actually feeling a bit under the weather for a while, which is why you may notice there were no new recipe blogs for a while.

But we're back! Happy New Year!

Whatever your excuse not to cook, Talia Di Napoli has the answer.

These Talia Di Napoli Pizzas are authentic Italian Margherita Pizzas are just like the ones you get when you order pizza in Italy!

Now, I love American Pizza, but these Italian Pizzas, they're different, they're smaller, thinner, crispier, deliciouser (Yes, deliciouser is a word!, maybe) & best of all, they don't taste like any frozen pizza I've ever had.

I like to keep a couple in my freezer for when cooking dinner just aint gonna happen.

And when you purchase Talia Di Napoli pizzas here on this Smoke Eater Website, a portion of all net proceeds is donated to various Firefighter, First Responder & other charities.

So thank you for your support & Mangia!


-Talia Di Napoli Pizza (Any Flavor)


1-Preheat the oven to 425℉

2- Take the pizza out of the freezer and remove all packaging

3- Place your pizza in the middle rack of the oven (no pan or tray needed.) Heat for 9-10minutes or longer for a crispier crust

4- ENJOY Enjoy actual Neapolitan pizza made with actual Italian ingredients by actual Italians!

Order your Talia Di Napoli by clicking on the above link.

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