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Healthy, Sustainable & Delicious!
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Howdy Firefighters, Cowboys & Carnivores!
I hope this information shares something different about Smoke Eater's Black Angus Beef with you. 

We aren't just trying to convince you to buy our beef. 

We are trying to share with you the "Measurable Difference" in our beef, when compared to all others and the extra steps we take to deliver the best beef option you could choose on the market. 
Our partner, Reminisce Angus Ranch, is a family run operation in Dillon Montana. 

They actually help several other Ranch families who use their genetics with their beef program. 
The only way this can be sustainable is to sell direct to you.
But, we don't want you to buy just based on that. 

We want you to invest into yourself!


1-Protein and fat are 2 things your body requires, daily. 

Yes, you read that right, FAT IS GOOD FOR YOU & with our beef, you get plenty of it without having to pay insane prices for it. 

2- Award winning chefs across the west covet our beef  and serve it at 5 Star restaurants and resorts from Montana to Arizona.

3- There is a "Measurable Difference" in our beef.

Smoke Eater's Reminisce Angus Beef has a very unique flavor to it.

The owners discovered this in 1992, when they first had beef from one particular bull. 

It was an unforgettable experience for them in taste, texture & flavor that they will always remember.

They continued to use this bloodline and still do today. 
There is no reason in 2023 to just buy average beef (although average beef is very good for you), when you can buy the best tasting beef on the market!

Smoke Eater's Black Angus Beef!
For very little more, you can buy beef that is shipped around the world and served in the finest restaurants for $50-100 per pound for just $13.99 per pound or less.

4-  It is sustainable for your family and ours.

It is sustainable for the landscapes we live on and preserve for future generations, not only of families but of all the wildlife that lives on this open space. 
THINK OF THAT, YOU ARE PRESERVING THE WEST when you buy Smoke Eater REM Angus Beef while being rewarded in your investment with the best tasting beef on the market.

5- Quality and safe beef-

Our beef is USDA inspected.

Every carcass gets inspected for any hormone or antibiotic residue. 

There isn't any in Reminisce Angus Beef! 

The Beef is also further tested in a lab for these things AND Glyphosate residues. 

There are NONE! ZERO! 
This is our commitment to you that you can buy the best beef on the market every month from us and know it is good for you and your family.  

We hope you Enjoy Smoke Eater's Reminisce Angus Beef for years to come!

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